In the news in 2006

Have a wonderful, not wasteful, Christmas
Tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle this Christmas.

Watch out for rubbish researchers
Recycling researchers take to streets to find out about your recycling habits.

Recycling rewards for schools...round 2
Following the success of last year, Resource Cumbria is offering Recycling Rewards for Schools once again.

Recycling rangers ride to the rescue
Recycling rangers to be employed to get people fired up about the 3Rs.

Say no to Plastic Bags!
Resource Cumbria invite people to exchange their plastic carrier bags for reusable cotton ones at the Plastic Bag Amnesty in Carlisle

Give waste the boot during The BIG Recycle 2006
Resource Cumbria asks people to recycle throughout the World Cup during the BIG recycle 2006.

Compost Awareness at cut prices
Cumbria celebrates Compost Awareness Week with cut price compost bins.

Bums the word for Real Nappy Week 2006
Cumbria celebrates the tenth anniversary of Real Nappy Week in style.

Brand new HWRC at Flusco
People living in Eden are about to get their first glimpse of the brand new Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) at Flusco.

Reduce, reuse, recycle - because you care
Resource Cumbria's first countywide campaign hits cumbria from 3rd April.

Discounted home compost bins
Resource Cumbria is pleased to offer compost bins at a discounted price of 6 (330 litres). This offer is available to anybody within Cumbria.

New Year's resolution
Make a special New Year's resolution this year. Aim to reduce, reuse or recycle your waste. It can help you save money and make you feel good about yourself, and above all it can be easier than dieting.

Recycling rewards for schools
Pupils in Cumbria are to sign up to a brand new initiative that could see them turn cans into computers, textiles into trumpets, paper into printers and glass into guitars.

Big babies on Blencathra
Big babies will be walking up Blencathra in an effort to promote the use of real nappies.

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