What are the benefits of home composting?

Composting at home is a natural way of recycling garden and kitchen waste. The resulting compost is an excellent soil conditioner for the garden, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to peat.

Anyone can compost at home - you don't need to be a keen gardener or have a big garden to make compost. The simplest form of compost can be made from your kitchen scraps.

Home composting can cut your household waste by a third!
Furthermore it's the smelly third. So not only will home composting stop your bin from overflowing but it will also stop it from producing that disgusting pong.

It can save you money
Homemade compost provides a free, peat-free soil conditioner for your garden and households plants. It also helps soil retain moisture and as a result reduces water consumption.

It can help your garden
Homemade compost improves plant health & growth - increasing yields of fruit, vegetables, flowers & herbs. It also increases the nutritional quality of home-grown foods

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